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Inflatable Golf Simulator Enclosure


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SUMMER SALE! FREE Protective Cross Bag AND FREE Customization! 

A portable inflatable golf simulator enclosure that inflates in 5 minutes and is ready to play your favorite course or golf games in less than 30 minutes. We supply the inflatable enclosure, and you provide everything else. It can be used indoors or outdoors. (Artificial turf, hitting mat, projector enclosure, and sandbags are not included.)

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When you have limited space in your house or garage but still want a golf simulator, take the SIM outside. ASI now offers a portable inflatable outdoor golf simulator enclosure for residential or commercial use. A portable enclosure that inflates in 5 minutes and is ready to play a course or your favorite golf games in less than 30 minutes, depending on your SIM accessories.

• 12′ wide x 16′ deep x 10′ high (outside dimensions)
• Heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin frame
• Heavy-duty water-resistant cover for blackout
• One-piece frame and cover for easy setup and takedown
• Two side windows for spectator viewing or ventilation
• Rear impact net secured to the enclosure
• Projector impact screen included with heavy-duty Velcro
• Screen is 4:3 aspect ratio, 10′ wide x 9′ high
• 12 D-rings outside for securing the enclosure to the ground
• 3 D-rings inside for lights or accessories
• Front banner included to reduce light and/or your branding
• Front curtain included can be added to reduce more light
• 800-watt electric air pump included

We supply the inflatable enclosure, and you provide everything else. With so many specific needs, wants, budgets, and skill sets, it is best for you to complete your backyard golf SIM with what you want and need.

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*Not Included: Artificial turf, hitting mat, projector, projector enclosure, computer stands, laptop, tablet, and sandbags.

Standard production & shipping are estimated at 3-4 weeks from the time of order.


Bring Your Own Gear

We supply the inflatable enclosure, and you provide everything else. With so many different products, specific needs, budgets, and skill sets, completing your ASI golf SIM with what you need is the best option.

  • What do I need to complete this SIM?
  • Launch Monitor
  • Hitting Mat
  • Projector
  • Simulator Software
  • Laptop, desktop, tablet, phone (depending on simulator software)
  • Finally, a space to put the enclosure.
    Minimum requirement is 12′ wide by 20′-24′ deep.

*None of this is included with the purchase of the enclosure.

Our Gear

It might be helpful to list out all the accessories that I purchased to complete my outdoor golf SIM. There is no right or wrong way to complete your SIM; it depends on what you want and need.

I did not list my laptop as that is what I use daily for work and move it to the SIM when needed.

We currently use GSPro with the Garmin R10 launch monitor. So far, we are thrilled and having a blast playing golf in our backyard.

Enclosure Backyard 18 $3,499.00
5’x4′ Hitting Mat Amazon $149.99 GoSports Golf Hitting – PRO
12’x24′ Floor Home Depot $340.20 Vantage Ivy Green Artificial Grass Carpet
Sandbags Amazon $23.86 Eurmax USA Weight Bags for Pop up Canopy
Projector Amazon $1,549.00 Optoma GT1090HDRx Short Throw Laser Projector
Projector Mount Top Shelf Golf $349.00 ProGuard Short Throw Projector Floor Mount
Launch Monitor Garmin $599.00
LM Stand Amazon $34.95 Garmin R10 Golf Alignment and Leveling Stand Base
Ryobi Laser Home Depot $25.00 RYOBI Laser Cube Compact Laser Level
Subtotal $6,070.00


  1. Find a spot that is at least 12′ wide by 20′ (minimum) to 24′ (recommended) long. Cover with artificial turf or other flooring (optional). In the picture, the turf is 12’x26′
  2. Place the rolled enclosure on the surface.
  3. Roll out the enclosure.
  4. Expand the enclosure to be flat on the surface.
  5. Locate the air valve which will be in the back right lower corner of the enclosure.
  6. Position the enclosure on the surface as needed based on the valve location.
  7. Connect the included air pump and begin to inflate.
  8. It will take up to 5 minutes to fully inflate. You can reposition the enclosure as it is inflating if needed.
  9. Turn off pump, remove nozzle and press the air valve once to stop air from coming out.
  10. Attach the front banner or front curtain (optional) and impact screen on the inside.

That is it. Time to tee off!

Note: I didn’t help the enclosure inflate just for video sake, but of course, you would help it up and position it as it inflates.


  1. To deflate, push in the release valve and start to let out the air.
  2. I have found the best way to start to pack the enclosure is to push the sides inward at the middle to let the top come straight down.
  3. Walk around and straighten out the enclosure to be as square as possible.
  4. Attach the air pump to start to deflate, and switch the hose to the other end of the pump for suction.
  5. Once deflated, start to fold by folding one side over to the middle.
  6. Then fold the other side over to meet in the middle.
  7. Fold the entire enclosure in half.
  8. Start to roll from the front and continue till you reach the back.
  9. I would suggest securing the rolled enclosure with straps to keep its shape and it will make it easier to lift and store.
  10. Lastly, place the entire enclosure inside our new storage/transport bags for protection until your next use. Click here for bag details.

You are now ready for your next tee time.

5 reviews for Inflatable Golf Simulator Enclosure

  1. William Brennes

    Buying this product was a great way to take my backyard to the next level. I have paired this with my 700sqft outdoor putting/chipping green and my backyard is now the envy of every dad on the block. I am 6’1″ and can swing my driver without obstruction inside this inflatable which is what I wanted to accomplish considering I live in an older model home and my ceiling height does not support me swinging a driver freely without hacking my ceiling. It takes about 5-6min for this to inflate and I do not have fill it up with air again, the entire night. The only thing I would like to recommend to Backyard 18, is to include packing instructions to roll inflatable back into the correct form to fit inside the bag provided because I ended up rolling the inflatable up the best I possibly could and wrapping bungee cords tight around and storing this behemoth on the side of my house inside a gate enclosure.

    • lance

      Thanks for the review, William. You are correct; returning it to the original size is probably impossible. We have tried to include inflate and deflate directions at the bottom of the product page, and we now also carry a larger storage bag for this exact reason. I hope one or both of these help.

  2. Todd Love

    This inflatable golf enclosure was some of the best money I’ve spent on golf. I don’t have enough room in my house or garage for a simulator and this is even better than having an in home simulator. It’s portable, I’ve taken it to various places over the summer and it’s been a hit every where it goes. My intention is to start a business renting it out, been working out the process so I have it repeatable and quick set up / tear down. The enclosure inflates and deflates in minutes. It’s been a blast! I should also add shipping was fast. Wasn’t expecting it for a two weeks, arrived 3 days after ordering.

  3. Megan P

    We have been really happy with our golf enclosure. Used it at lake house and had a blast. Quality is great- no complaints. Customer service with Lance was great as well.

  4. Ted Thornton (verified owner)

    Our inflatable tent is just what we were looking for. So easy to set up and shipping was on point. These guys made it easy for us for a mobile golf simulator in this fits the bill perfectly. So glad we found this company to work with. I highly recommend these guys and give him a five-star review all day.

  5. Jeremy Stahowiak

    We use ours commercially and it works great for us. It has held up really well and we will buying another for our summer season.

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