Laser Shot, a leading provider of firearms training simulators, has been a prominent participant in hundreds of trade shows showcasing its cutting-edge products. Traditionally, Laser Shot utilized metal truss system tradeshow booths to demo their Firearms Training Simulators. These setups were robust but had limitations regarding portability, flexibility, and overall visual appeal.

In search of a more innovative and adaptable solution, Laser Shot explored alternatives for their tradeshow enclosures. After careful consideration and evaluation of various options, they turned to All Sports Inflatables (ASI), a reputable provider of inflatable enclosures.

Challenges with Metal Truss System:

  • Weight and Bulkiness: The metal truss system booths used by Laser Shot were heavy and cumbersome to transport. This resulted in increased shipping costs and logistical challenges when attending multiple tradeshows.
  • Limited Customization: The metal truss systems had limited customization, hindering Laser Shot’s ability to create unique and visually striking booth designs that effectively showcased their firearms training simulators.
  • Assembly Time: Setting up and dismantling the metal truss system booths was time-consuming. This impacted the efficiency of Laser Shot’s tradeshow participation and required additional manpower.

Solution: Inflatable Enclosures by All Sports Inflatables:

After extensive research, Laser Shot opted for inflatable enclosures by All Sports Inflatables. This decision was driven by several key factors:

  • Portability: Inflatable enclosures are lightweight and compact, significantly reducing shipping costs and simplifying the logistics of attending multiple tradeshows. The ease of transportation was a significant advantage for Laser Shot.
  • Customization: ASI offered a high degree of customization, allowing Laser Shot to create visually appealing and brand-centric booth designs. The inflatable nature of the enclosures allowed for unique shapes, sizes, and graphics that effectively highlighted Laser Shot’s products.
  • Quick Setup and Dismantling: Inflatable enclosures are known for their rapid deployment and easy teardown. Laser Shot experienced a notable reduction in assembly time, enabling them to optimize their tradeshow participation and focus on engaging with attendees.
  • Engagement and Interaction: The inflatable enclosures provided a more inviting and interactive environment for attendees. This enhanced the visitor experience, making Laser Shot’s booth stand out among competitors.


The switch to inflatable enclosures by All Sports Inflatables had a positive impact on Laser Shot’s tradeshow presence:

  • Cost Savings: Reduced shipping costs and quicker assembly times resulted in substantial cost savings for Laser Shot.
  • Increased Visibility: The visually appealing and customizable nature of the inflatable enclosures attracted more attention from tradeshow attendees, increasing foot traffic to Laser Shot’s booth.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: The modern and dynamic appearance of the inflatable enclosures improved Laser Shot’s brand image, positioning them as innovative leaders in the firearms training simulation industry.
  • Streamlined Logistics: The portability of inflatable enclosures simplified the logistics of attending multiple tradeshows, allowing Laser Shot to expand its presence without compromising efficiency.


Laser Shot’s transition from metal truss system booths to inflatable enclosures by All Sports Inflatables proved to be a strategic decision. The switch not only addressed logistical challenges but also contributed to a more engaging and visually appealing tradeshow presence, ultimately positively impacting Laser Shot’s brand perception and market visibility.

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