• Inflatable Soccer Goal

    SUMMER SALE! FREE Protective Cross Bag AND FREE Customization! 
    ASI's inflatable soccer goal is portable and easy to set up indoors and outdoors. We carry small training nets and regulation sizes for backyard fun, practices, or youth sports. The goal is air-sealed, so once it is inflated, you can disconnect the pump and enjoy it for the day. It includes D-rings to secure it to the ground. The goal's net is easily removed and replaced.


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  • A new PVC protective cross bag is now available for any of our ASI inflatables.


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One of the best things about soccer is you need only a ball, an open field, and some friends to have fun. However, if you want to do more than simply pass the ball around or play keep-away, you’ll need some goals. Since regulation goalposts are made of metal, making them too heavy to travel with, the next best thing is an inflatable soccer goal.

These inflatable soccer goals are large enough to play some exhilarating games with your friends while collapsing to a small enough size for easy travel. With two of our inflatable soccer goalposts, you’ll be able to play full games wherever you go. Now is the time to take your soccer playing to the next level. Check out our inflatable soccer goals above.

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