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Take the Golf Simulator Outside

When you have limited space in your house or garage but still want a golf simulator, take the SIM outside. All Sports Inflatables (formally Backyard 18) now offers a portable inflatable outdoor golf simulator enclosure for residential or commercial use. A portable enclosure that inflates in 5 minutes and is ready to play a course or your favorite golf games in less than 30 minutes, depending on your SIM accessories.

• 12′wide x 16′deep x 10′high (outside dimensions)
• Black heavy-duty waterproof PVC tarpaulin
• Two side windows for spectator viewing
• Rear impact net secured to the enclosure
• Screen is 4:3 aspect ratio, 10′ wide x 9′ high
• Projector impact screen with heavy-duty Velcro
• 12 D-rings for securing the enclosure to the ground
• 3 D-rings inside for lights or accessories
• Front banner to reduce light and/or your branding
• Front curtain can be added to reduce more light (not shown)
• 800-watt electric air pump


We supply the inflatable enclosure, and you provide everything else. With so many different products, specific needs, budgets, and skill sets, completing your Backyard 18 golf SIM with what you want is best.

What do I need to complete this SIM?

  • Launch Monitor
  • Hitting Mat
  • Projector
  • Simulator Software
  • Laptop, desktop, tablet, phone (depending on simulator software)
  • Finally, a space to put the enclosure.
    Minimum requirement is 12′ wide by 20′-24′ deep.

*None of this is included with the purchase of the enclosure.


How do you store the enclosure?2023-09-05T18:33:15-06:00

The pump will also deflate the enclosure when you switch the hose to the other side. Let it completely deflate, and fold each side to the center and then in half again. Begin to roll it from one side to the other. Store in a clean, dry place.

Can I leave the enclosure outside?2023-09-05T18:33:00-06:00

The enclosure is water resistant, but I would not recommend leaving it outside in heavy rains or winter weather unless you add more protection.

What type of projector do I need for daytime use?2023-09-05T18:32:46-06:00

The enclosure blocks much of the sunlight, but a high-lumen projector is still needed to get a good picture on the screen. We use an Optoma projector with laser light and 4200 lumens.

How much space is needed for the enclosure?2023-09-05T18:32:30-06:00

The enclosure is 12ft wide by 16ft deep by 10ft high. Depending on your setup and/or launch monitor, you will need 20-24ft deep to have space in front of the enclosure.

What is included with the enclosure?2023-09-05T18:32:11-06:00

It includes the enclosure, impact screen, and pump. All other accessories and equipment are for you to decide on and purchase.


The enclosure was designed to be used outside but can also be used indoors. Here are some ideas and uses.
  • Golf Simulator –  We include an impact screen for you to project any golf simulator software.
  • Driving Range Bay – The enclosure has a secondary net behind the screen that can be used for hitting without a projector.

This enclosure is specifically for golf but it could be used for other sports or activities depending on your needs.

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